Where I lay my head... {Image Heavy}

Ello EveryBunny! I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend. I worked Saturday and relaxed in the evening. I had intentions to dye eggs but that was a bust. I tried crocheting some bunnies for my three nieces but didn't get them finished in time but I'm almost done. They won't care if they are are late, they are very forgiving when it come to gifts :) Plus they got sooo much stuff yesterday it was insane they probaly wouldn't have even not noticed my teeny bunnies.

On my last day off which was on Wednesday I finally cleaned my room up just the way I wanted it with the exception of the closet which still need some work but that can wait. As long as I can get clothes out, I'm good. Here is a personal tour of my bedroom/craft cave/ workplace/retreat. Enjoy!

Welcome! Here is my bed "I luv sleep..." It was my grama's bed frame, I love it soo much it is my favorite piece of furniture I own.

My dresser I found it on craigslist, it was a steal!

Here is my crafting area, You can see some of my hats in the top right corner :)

This is where I work from home. My dad made this shelf for me for my birthday I had to put it on my work desk due to space issues but I like it there because I love to stare at all my cute stuff on it. It needs to be painted but I'm waiting until I buy a house and can paint it to match my dream craft cave.

My bulletin board full of randomness! Above it my Hello Kitty mask I ordered from Japan, an "R", and a mylar balloon I got for my birthday, I framed it in an embroidery hoop after cutting it.

This where I surf, blog, paybills, wind yarn, listen to music , and get inspired!

I love sunglasses and necklaces, can you tell??

My crafty hutch, orginally to be in the kitchen but again due to some space issues is a temporary house for some crafties and my ipod player (i can't live without that thing)

I love winding yarn, it's so pretty!


For the love of lipgloss :)

Bracelets are also a must have.

Nail polish can become an addiction if you didn't already know.

Pretty flowers for my hair.

Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

Some favorites....Knitting needles, crochet hooks, apples, Kokeshi doll, and paper cranes.

A little part of my craft book collection ( the rest are in storage :( )

Purler Beads!

Happy Monday -- Have a superb week!!
xo. Ren


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