Weekend in Review...

Thank goodness today is my day off. It seemed like forever to get here! Well I was off on Sunday but it was little baby Salem's birthday so it was a busy day. I made the cupcakes and helped decorate and serve and stuff. It was adorable and Sally got soo many gifts. She is the cutest little cousin ever! I just love her.

Yesterday I just pretty much worked and that's it. Today I stopped by my rents in the morning, then came home and packed some of my craft stuff up (getting a head start on the move), then went and got my pearly whites cleaned at the dentist, then off to Zumba with my sister. I love Zumba it's sooo much fun. If you haven't tried it and like to dance you should seriously give it a whirl! Then I went on a little spin around the neighborhood with my neice on our bikes, now I'm home reading blogs when I should either be showering or cleaning my messy room. Tomorrow my schedule consists of gym, cleaning, zumba, sleep!.

How is your week going? Fantastical, Yes?!

Enjoy the pics :)...xo. Ren

More tomorrow :)


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