Finished Friday...

Hey Yall! I hope you had a fantastic Friday. Mine was alright considering I has to work. I didn't make it to my young adults group tonight at church because my car or as Jeremiah calls it "little weird" is kinda out of commision. My driver side window in stuck in the down position and of course it had to rain so I couldn't go anywhere. It's ok I needed the little nap I took instead with little Salem. She is soo adorable and she's my cousins baby whom lives me. She will one year old on Monday and it seems like just yesterday she was born. She is so silly and she loves me. Her birthday party is on Sunday so I have a few thinsg I need to make for the shin-dig. Should be really cute because it's an owl themed "Look Whooo's One!" party.

Salem Delaney! Soo sweet!

Here is my little project I finished this week. I think they came out adorable but I'm considering making one more purple shroom to go with the set. I think I might even post them in my Etsy shop but I'm not sure. I really need to get my update rolling that's for sure. I hope you like them.

Sweet Dreams.


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