So this is my Wednesday...

Today was a pretty good day. I woke up went and had some blood drawn, which was totally quick and painless! That lady was amazing I was out of there in less than 10 minutes with paperwork mind you, now that's service :) Then I stopped over by my rents but my mom a little busy and my allergies were starting to act up so I didn't stay too long. I came come lounged for a little bit then got ready and met Jeremiah at one of our favorite restraunts, Tian Jin it's chinese food. I had sweet & sour chicken and it was yummy. Jer had the usual poop egg fu yuck! I'm mean pork egg fu yung, the only thing I like on that plate are the sprouts and broccoli but he loves it!

Then we came back to my place and we watched a movie "Worldest Greatest Dad". I really liked it but it was a little morbid/bizarre, which is probaly why I liked it! You should check it out if you have the chance and let me know what ya think. We actually got it out of the Redbox, which I was kinda shocked we got something decent out of there for a chance. Also if your a music lover check out =The Akron Family= they have a song in the movie that is so pretty, Jeremiah actually tuned me into the band and their stuff is just amazing.

While watching the movie I was stitching the faces onto my little russian dolls I crocheted. Yes, crocheted!!!! I can finally crochet in the round, I'm so pround of myself :) I will post a my recent projects maybe friday since it's been awhile since I've posted anything and have finshed a few since the last post.

After the movie I took about an hour nap and headed over to the church to help with a chili dog fundraiser which we sold out of, so needless to say it was a success!

I hope everyone had a fantastic St. Patty's. Did you wear green? What was it that you wore?

Two more work days for most I'm back to work for three tomorrow.

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