Eggie Weg Anyone?...

Today was an okay day at work. The calls coming in were pretty slow, so I was able to get quite a bit of stuff done. I decorated my fireplace which I'll post on tomorrow. I also decorated this little tree I got for $1 and it came out so cute. The whole thing cost me $2 because I already had everything except the tree and the eggs. I really never got into decorating for Easter like I do for all the other holidays but this year since I have to little babes living with me I want to make the house fun and springy for them.

Here's what I started with:

Here's the finished product!:

Bird's Eye View:

I think I want to make a few more for gifts since they are so cheap to make, but in my opinion don't look like it.

Tomorrow is Friday, YAY! Only two more days of work until I get another day off. Those days off are what keep me going :)

xo. Rennie


  1. Hopefully I'll get a gift soon :)



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