Wednesday, February 3, 2010

27 really? REALLY!?...

I simply can't believe by 7 a.m. tomorrow morning I'm gonna be 27 years old!!! That just seems so old to me for some reason. I know people older that that are probaly like "come on your still a kid" or something like that I don't know. I guess thinking back to when I was about 21 or so my outlook on life and my "plans" just seemed so much different than what they are now. ALOT of things have changed in the last two years of my life than were not planned, not all good, and definately not easy but being 26 and as "expierenced" as I now am, I guess has made me the strong girl I am today. I have learned sooo much! Not all things I've ever wanted to learn but glad I have. I have learned that I have the best family anyone could ever want. I've always known they are great but whenever I have needed them in good time or bad they are always there...always. I love them so much. I'm also so thankful for my friends they to always come through and know how to make me happy and have a good time and always there me. Last but definately not least I'm so glad to have been able to forgive and love again. I have found the love of my life. It was a journey to find him but I did! He and I are so much alike and sometimes that's not a good thing but most of the time it is. He keeps me grounded, he keeps safe, and he love me for me. So even though everything I had planned to happen by the time I turned 27, I can honestly say I am very blessed and very happy to be where I am now. I know everything happens for a reason without a doubt and I am glad and thankful to have so many wonderful come in and out of my life and make it what it is for these last 27 years.

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