27 feels better than I thought it would...

I work up today at 7 a.m. worked until 9:10 a.m. took my break then logged off for the day! I was only able to get 8 hours off and since I work 10 hour days i had to work 2. It's wasn't too bad actually. I got birthday wishes, hugs, and kisses from my little roomies, Sam, Olive, Salem, and my BF Jeremiah before they all headed out for school, work, and daycare. I then went back to bed...tired. Then I was woken up by a few birthday phone calls my one of my bff's Tina in North Carolina, my gram, and my other bff Kristen. It was a great morning. Then Jeremiah called and said we were going to lunch and we went to Red Lobster! Which I love :) I ordered my favorite dish, coconut shrimp. Came back home and was greeted by the cutest Hello Kitty decorated package on my front step. It came from my friend Rachael in California. We have been friends for about 5 years now or close that long, we have only been online/snail mail friends and have never met in person but hopefully one day we will :) She sent me a tube of "Spinkles" Dark Chocolate cupcake mix!!!!! I've wanted to try them for soo long and now I can. She also sent the cutest Hello Kitty card. It has so far been a wonderful birthday, I couldn't ask for a better family or friends.

(all photos found on weheartit.com)

ta ta for now!


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