Knit or Die...

Been awhile since my last post. I am now officially working from home which is soo awesome! I've been working on alot of projects and decorating my home for the holidays. I think I'm about done :) Been knitting a ton! I love to knit in the cooler months and been "trying" to make my Christmas cards, I think I have about six done. I will do a post on my decor, knits and cards later in the week. For now here are some photos of some of the coolest knitted things I've seen in awhile. Enjoy...

1. I'm still wanting a crafty tattoo - this one is simple but pretty.

2. this is so gonna be me when I'm old :)

3. this makes my heart melt.

4. these look beautiful and yummy.

5. too freakin' cute.

6. I would love if someone gave me these treats.

7. if I ever have a tree in my front yard, I want to do this!

(all images found at

Going to try and be productive today and post some ornaments in my ETSY shop and maybe a hat or two. Look for an update later today!

Hugs & Smooches.


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