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Livin' the life...

Howdy and Hello! I'm just sitting here on my lunch break watching some MTV and eating popcorn. I love working at home because I can actually relax on my breaks! When your in the workplace on a break you still at work. This last weekend was Addison's Hello Kitty pool party at the YMCA. It was so much fun and the kids had an awesome time, this coming weekend is Adrianna's Shrek party. I can't believe my babies (nieces) are getting soo old. It makes me sad and wish that they would stay tiny forever. I love being an Auntie soo much they always make me feel like a million bucks and tell me I'm their best friend. Nothing beats that! Also this weekend my mom, our friend Juanita, and I are making our way to Denver to go see Adele live in concert! I'm over the moon :) I'm pretty sure it's gonna be amazing. Her voice is just magical. Well I hope you have a great long weekend, my next post is bound to have a tons of fun pictures from the HK party, Shre

Waiting for Summer...

OMGsh! It's almost summer and I can't wait! I'm not usually one for the heat but I've been so cold lately it's sounding pretty good. The two places where I "live" both have swimming pools so you can bet I'm gonna have a great tan this year. Which also means I need to hit the gym like I should be there right now doing something to tone up! I have lost an amazing amount of weight since the begining of the year and I feel awesome, Nearly 30lbs!!! I can't believe it happened and pretty much by just not eating fast food and being careful with the sweet stuff. Being a diabetic it's hard figuring out what to eat and what not to eat and how to balance. I was diagnosed last April and I still have my struggles with it but I just try and take it one day at a time. In my crafty world I have been crocheting as usual making pretty flowers headbands and clips in time for summer and some flowery hats! Here are some pretty amazing photos that make me ye

Arcade Fiber!...

Hello There! It's been a ghost town around here on the blog. Trying to keep up with everything is so hard. I'm gonna try to schedule a weekly time to at least blog twice a week. I miss writing. Soo here is a little run down of what's been happening and going on here in my little world. I finally got to see Arcade Fire!!! It's was amazing and more. I had so much fun. Jeremiah and I met up with some of our friends Cameron and Liam. We went and had hot wings before and after the show, ha ha! It was one of the only places open in the area so and we weren't ready to turn in yet so that's how that happened. At the show I danced the entire time. I got the most comfy and soft zip-up hoodie, I love it. Here are few projects I finished lately. I made them for a trade with another crafter. She sews and I got two amazing bags in trade for the items in the photos below. Happy Mother's Day weekend! xoxo. Ren