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Things that make me happy...

Oh my gosh! I just love this time of year. We are having such a beautiful season change. The leaves are looking fabulous and amazing much more this year than the years past. They remind me of rainbow snow cones the way the colors blend together and of the trees when I lived in North Carolina. I am wanting to take Poe to the pumpkin patch this weekend and get her a Poesy-sized pumpkin and a mini photo shoot of her in her costume. These are the types of things I have been looking forward to since I found out I was pregnant and maybe even before that. I love having a daughter to take places with me, it's so fun. She comes with me to my knitting and crochet groups and is loved by all the kind ladies and the kids too. It's so nice that they welcome me with open arms even if I have a baby. I know some people don't like kids or like things to be strictly for adults so it is nice for me to be able to do something I love and spend my day off with my baby too. On anoth

Life with Poe: 7 Months Old

Poesy Quinn is in full on crawling mode! Getting into things she shouldn't be and sitting up from the crawling position on her own. Watching her learn to crawl was really fun to watch. From the rocking back and forth stage to her moving faster every day. She is still a little peanut and weighs just a little over 12 pounds so her being so tiny and crawling is extra cute to me. This month we took her to have her picture taken. I wasn't impressed by the photographer this time but we were able to get a few cute shots of her and her daddy. Milestones & New Discoveries : * Poesy's acid reflux is back and we had to slow down on her solid foods :( * She is drooling at the sight of food and drinks * She is officially wearing 6-9 month clothing * She got two new teeth!!! They are the cutest little teeth too :) * She is becoming more social with other kiddos * She is at the stage where she is alert and does not want to go to bed and throws fits * She likes to thr