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The Wonderful World of Wreaths...

Wreaths are all over the web and in so many varieties. Many are made from fresh or dry flowers, yarn , felt, ornaments, buttons, pom-poms to name just a few! I'm working a pom-pom one and have been for the past month! It's my side of many. Here are a few I've found to be very eye-catching. Enjoy! These last two are ones that I have made this year. I really liked the way the bow wreath came out and was very inexpensive to make. Goodnight...Turkey Day tomorrow... So much to be thankful for!!!

Halloween Mini Album

Just posted in the Etsy Shop and Ready for your 2009 Halloween pictures...

Knit or Die...

Been awhile since my last post. I am now officially working from home which is soo awesome! I've been working on alot of projects and decorating my home for the holidays. I think I'm about done :) Been knitting a ton! I love to knit in the cooler months and been "trying" to make my Christmas cards, I think I have about six done. I will do a post on my decor, knits and cards later in the week. For now here are some photos of some of the coolest knitted things I've seen in awhile. Enjoy... 1. I'm still wanting a crafty tattoo - this one is simple but pretty. 2. this is so gonna be me when I'm old :) 3. this makes my heart melt. 4. these look beautiful and yummy. 5. too freakin' cute. 6. I would love if someone gave me these treats. 7. if I ever have a tree in my front yard, I want to do this! (all images found at Going to try and be productive today and post some ornaments in my ETSY shop and maybe a hat or two. Look for

Where did this week go????

I'm leaving for Omaha for a sweet little baby shower and visit this coming Tuesday. I'm really excite to see my friend Adria who says she looks like she gonna have the baby tomorrow but is really not due until Christmas time. So cute. Plus I haven't been on a plane in over a year! I'm "in charge" of the the decor! I've got some lovely ideas and things made up and ready -- pom-pom dandilions, felt leaf garland, panda favor boxes, a sweet banner, and working on some tissue paper poms too. I can't believe how fast the end of the year is flying by! It's nuts.

I love smooches....

here you will find a short list of songs I enjoy kissing to: * do you realize - the flaming lips * californication - red hot chili peppers * the greatest - cat power * yoshimi battles the pink robots - the flaming lips * I never - rilo kiley * Godspeed - jenny lewis * before you cry camera obscura * the life aquatic soundtrack * the garden state soundtrack I hope you find yourself having a good day! xo.Rennie

Happy Birthday Hello Kitty!

I love you...I do. Hello Kitty has been a part of my life since I was born. This year she turns 35!!! She always makes me smile -- this is why... I REALLY hope this is what my heaven will be like. Happy Sunday! xo.Rennie