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July has come and gone...

Wow! This month seemed to fly by faster than any others this year so far! I'm will say I am glad it is just too dang hot for comfort and the closer it get to the Autumn months the happier I am. Alot has been going on especially since I haven't posted in a month, keeping busy busy is what I do :) Here is a little run down of what I have going on to bring you and the blog up to speed. * I started working back at the Salon by appointment only, I had a bunch of appointments * I went to my first Scentsy Workshop. It was in Colorado Springs and I had so much fun and I came home with soo much cute stuff! * I drank lots of iced COFFEE! * Went to the drive-in movies a couple of times * Ate lots of BBQ! * Participated in our first ever backyard yard craft fair and it was a raging success! * Started vending at our local farmers market on Fridays, my sister and I have really been enjoying doing this, it's so much fun. (minus the heat!!!) * Most importantly my mom brought