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Scary Cute!...

Sooo it's pretty much been forever since the last blog. My life has been seriously crazy and I barely even get a chance to sit down at my computer which I hope now that it's getting cooler I will have more nights in than out. Guess what!? I moved yet again! I moved into a cute little house with my friend Rhonda. She is buying it so we get to do whatever we want to it. It's been hard work like painting, pulling up carpet and tack strips!!! It's soo cozy though I just love it. I painted my room "Sunny Tulip Yellow" it's gorgeous. I will do a house tour once we get new carpet. My room is staying with the wood floors they are soo pretty. I NEED to start working on my Halloween costume, I won't reveal what it is until I know for sure it's gonna happen. I'm just in love with our Fall weather in here in Colorado. THe air is crisp and the pumpkin spice lattes are amazing! I'll be back soon, scouts honor! lol xoxo. Ren