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Life with Poe: 6 month update!

My sweet lovebug turned 6 months on the 21st! She is very mobile these days rolling around like a little tumbleweed and she is pretty good at it . Her teething seems to be bothering her mostly in the evening and at bed time but it hasn't been too bad. It does make me sad to know that she doesn't feel good and her sad face is enough to make anyone cry but it's soo cute at the same time. She is still being babysat by my mom, Jeremiah's dad, and my sister occasionally while we work. How blessed we are to have people we trust take care of our baby Poe. She is blooming into such a gorgeous little person and everyday just looking at her I feel so proud to be her mommy. Milestones & New Discoveries : * Poesy is now eating cereal - slowly getting used to it still but she likes it! * She is still a major drooler. * Her newborn sized shoes STILL don't fit her yet, this kid is going to be wearing sandal in winter! (NOT!) * She loves chewing on everything! * H