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Water and sleep my bffs...

So I woke up today around 12:30pm! What a lazy butt, I know. Jer and I went to a show last night in Denver and didn't get home until around 2 am. I am so glad I took today off work in advance because I knew I was going to be dead tired. I was kinda right. I feel like I'm on a "fun" hangover, completely drained and parched! I drink soooo much water all day long when I don't drink every fifteen minutes I can't handle it. I LOVE water and water bottles. You should just see the ever growing collection of them. This habit of collecting bottles always killed my mom and now the hoarding is slowly taking over the kitchen too! Once I decide to roll out of bed today I'm gonna clean and re-organize the kitchen cabinets. I'm short so I need to move things I always need to the lower shelves. So our little excursion yesterday was quite lovely. We took off to Denver about 2pm. Went to eat at Thai Basil one of my favorite places ever! The food is so yum and the pric

Crochet Everyday...

Well almost everyday anyway, I have been crocheting mostly at work these days since I have been so busy most evenings I can't really fit it in. I have been super productive however! I was making little Easter chicks for about two weeks (pics later) and now I'm onto cotton spring hats. I love hats! I like to wear them and make them. Right now I'm using patterns from Speckled Frog's etsy shop along with some of my own little tweeks to the patterns. Her patterns are super easy to read and follow so check them out if you get a chance. Here are some photos of the hats I've made since last Thursday, they will be posted in my Etsy shop when I get a spare second to post them...Enjoy Happy Wednesday! Yay only one more day of work for me tomorrow is my Friday :) xoxo. Ren

A Broken Social Scene Weekend...

This weekend was so much fun! Jeremiah and I took a little journey to Boulder, Colorado. We got tickets for "Broken Social Scene" on Saturday night. So we went up around noon on Saturday, checked in to our hotel, and headed for downtown. I love Boulder the scenery it so pretty and the shopping is awesome! We found the venue for the show and parked close by then just walked to the "Pearl Street Mall" which is an out door mall with tons and tons of cool little artsy shops and musicians playing up and down the street, magic acts, and there was a cowboy (I wish I got a picture) who was completly painted in bronzed paint and looked like a statue, it was pretty cool. I got some of the most awesome boots from the "croc store", bright yellow rain boots! We ate at a place called "Lazy Dog" it was tasty and the brownie sunday I had was so delicious. After dinner we head to the venue, got stamped and tickets taken, we decided to sit during the sh

Wellies are swellie...

I just love rainboots these days! I wish I had a pair for each day of the week :) The patterns and designs are just so colorful and fun, how could you not like them!? Here are some of my favorites I spied here on the web... LOOK piggies like wellies too! :) These are the ones I want next! Here is a pair of mine I'm wearing at the pumpkin patch this last October. All photos minus the last one were all found on I hope you all are having a good week! I'm looking forward to my weekend! I'll you more about that tomorrow. Love. Me.

Saturdays are good days...

Happy Saturday everyone! This year has been flying by already and had been super busy for me. Between work, cleaning, crochet, and helping my mom with her Scentsy stuff I just go with the flow, meanwhile the clock just keeps on tickin'. Today was kinda busy I worked until noon then when home and got ready for my little two year old Audrey's birthday party. This party for a two year old was INSANE! They had a cotton candy machine, a two-tiered cake, minnie mouse chocolate covered apples, chocolate covered marshmellows, a bounce house, pinata, tattoos, games, dress-up, pizza, a giant minnie head made out of dum-dum suckers!!! There was more but I just can't remember it all. My nieces has a great time and I guess I did too, then again I'm just a big kid :) I'm off work tomorrow! Gonna clean and get organized for the week. Here are a few photos from today at the party!