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100th Post! (Giveaway)

Hey hey hey! It's my 100th blog post! I have be super busy lately and trying to fit in blogging along with a ton of other things is hard but I hope once it's starts getting colder and I'm in more I will be able to find more time to blog... So as promised I'm am doing a little give-a-away for my 100th post celebration! It's a suprise so you won't actually know what you win until you actually get your package :) Just leave a comment on your favorite fall tradition to be enetered to win, the winner will be selected next Friday! So in other news my first craft show of the year went great! I made a good amount of sales, bought some cute stuff, and just had fun with my mom, sis, and Rhonda. Let's see tomorrow is my last kick ball game of the season. I've really enjoyed playing it's pretty fun and I love team sports. We are having a tail gate weenie roast party before the game tomorrow :) I've been crocheting a ton lately too trying to get

Wednesday Wishes V.4....

I've got puppies one the brain! I really wish I could get one but I can't right now maybe by summer I will be able to but who knows. For now I will just settle for all these little cuties I've been seeing online. Enjoy! Aren't their little costumes adorable!? Which one do you like the best? One more post until the big 100! xoxo. Ren All photos found at this lovely website

It's October!...

My favorite month is finally here! Soo here is a list of 10 reasons why I LOVE October... 1. The weather is perfect... 2. Corn mazes are so much fun... 3. Planning a costume & dressing up is awesome... 4. Pumpkin spice lattes are "da bomb".... 5. I have a craft show this month... 6. I'm going to my first Ween Concert on Halloween!... 7. Seeing my nieces in costume makes me happy... 8. Perfect time of year for knitting and crocheting 9. The leaves are soo pretty and the sound of them crunching is magical... 10. Craving/Painting pumpkins is just great! Why do you like October!??? Also stay tuned my 100th post is coming up fast and there will be a lovely little giveaway for reading! All photos found via Weheartit.