So a year has passed since my last blog. Many changes have happened and mostly positive ones! I quit my job at Express Scripts last April and was a stay at home mom throughout the summer. It was awesome. I worked through the holidays then recently started a new job at an appraisal agency as an office manager. I enjoy the fact that I have a schedule that works for Poesy and I. My mom is babysitting Poe while I work which is awesome, I don't know what I would do without her. Right now my sister is here visiting and we have had so much fun so far doing lots of stuff and trying to keep the kids busy and happy. So far we have done a lot of swimming, Pueblo West splash pad, colored the older girls hair, henna, nails, Finding Dory at the Drive-In, shopping, Manitou Springs, BBQ's, and lots of laughing. I love when we are all together and when the kids get to play together. Later this week will be going to Walsenburg's little water park. Until next time....

January Planuary...

Happy New Year!! I'm only a few weeks late. This month seems likes it has gone by with the blink of an eye. I have so many new projects going on I can't keep my days straight half of the time. I started hosting cardsome fun card classes where I put kits together and a bunch of crafty ladies get together and assemble them.I have Poesy's 2nd birthday coming up to plan. This year we are having it at a tumbling place since I will have a two year old who loves to jump and climb on EVERYTHING. I think it's going to be a blast! Then we have we have our October wedding to plan! We couldn't decide if we were going to to do an actual wedding for sure or not but we decided to go ahead and have one. We want to celebrate each other and it is sure to be alots of fun. The colors will be mainly black with grey and orange accents and a shabby chic Halloweenie theme. The date is set for 10.30.15 After Poesy's party I want to get started on the decor since I want it to be pr

Life as of late and a cute little pumpkin...

Good Morning! I am just loving this fall weather we are having these days. I love being able to have all the windows open in the house and have a cool breeze come through. We are pretty much ready for Halloween as far as decorating the house goes. I didn't get as crazy as I normally like to because Poesy likes to grab, pull, and destroy pretty much anything she can get her little mitts on. What can I expect though really when there are cool shiny things within her reach! She is growing so fast and is so smart. She makes me just want to sit and watch her all day. She likes to sing and dance. Her favorite song is "Happy Birthday". Her list of words is getting longer each day and so is her wild and crazy hair. She wears size 18 months clothes, size 4 shoes, and size 3 diapers. Teething is not as bad as it once was but still bugs her sometimes at night. We are still co-sleeping - we were going to try to get her into her own crib but it was harder on us than her I thin

Poesy's 1st Gig!

Poesy's first birthday party in pictures! We has her party at our church and it was simple and perfect. We had a nacho bar for food and Poesy really seemed to enjoy her cake. She got lots of adorable gifts and all our favorite people were there. I can't believe in just four months we will be celebrating her 2nd birthday! Now for the photos...

Life as of late...

Summer is almost here and I have yet to post one entry for Spring!! I'm sad I have not blogged these past few months to help me remember this time in my life with Poesy. I have a goal to blog at least once a week so I can make sure to document different things going on in my little corner of the world. On the home front we are still getting comfortable in our new home. We have yet to unpack 75% of our stuff and we are doing just fine without it. However, it would be nice to have the garage emptied so we are going to start working on purging ALOT of stuff we don't need and haven't missed. I love our little bungalow, it's cozy and just the right size for us. I will post some pics in a later post to show the before and after so far. Poesy, Poesy, Poesy... Where do I even begin. This little girl is a firecracker that is for sure. She turned 1 year old in February and started walking exactly one week from her birthday, she quickly went from walking to running t

Life with Poe: Almost 11 months old!

Happy New Year!! Another month has gone by and our little Poe is turning into quite the ham! She is a little show off and LOVES the attention. She claps, dances, and makes silly faces. She is such a nut and I love it cause she makes me laugh all the time. Her little laugh is funny too so then it makes me laugh even more. Her new thing is dancing and she love the Subway "Five dollar foot long" song it hilarious! Christmas was a whole new experience this year. The preparation and new traditions for my own baby was so much fun. She opened maybe half of one gift but seems to like all her toys she got. She got mostly Fisher Price toys, very colorful and durable! She got some Lala loopsies, a princess castle, a walking toy, Hello Kitty Vans (shoes), tons of clothes, and a new coat. She was very blessed this year. Christmas Eve we spent half the evening at my parents and the other half at Jeremiah's. Christmas Day we opened gifts together as a little family in the morning

Life with Poe: Updates

It's been almost two months since I have posted anything here on le' blog! We have since found a house and moved in! I love it! It's so warm and cozy. It's located on a quiet street and is just perfect for our little fam. Poesy is such a silly little girl she is growing all the time almost weighs 14 lbs now. She is still itty bitty but her personality makes up for it. Milestones & New Discoveries : * Poesy's is now able to eat her solid foods a lot better now without the acid reflex bothering as much * Her favorite foods so are bananas and carrots * She is still fitting in 6-9 months clothes and can still fit into some 0-3 months! * She still only has 2 little teeth on the bottom * She loves kids! * Poe is standing up all by herself and sometimes takes one step * Her and Little Bear are starting to play together and it's the cutest thing * I gave her her fist haircut 12/4/2013 -- just a tiny trim in the back * She is a climber and a littl