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Just got done eating a bowl of classic Shredded Wheat Biscuits. I forgot how yummy those are, I haven't had them in years. I usually prefer Frosted Mini Wheats but now with the recent change in lifestyle I went for the unsweetened sweetened with a packet of Splenda bowl of goodness. That cereal reminds me of my late grama Duran. She always had that kind of cereal or puffed wheat too! Speaking of sugar my glucose levels have been right on target! I'm soo happy. This is not as hard as I thought it would be, it's all about being aware of what your eating and how much your moving. I feel so much better already. I have my first diabetic class next week at the hospital so hopefully it will be really informative and helpful. The healthy range for me is between around 75-170 (anything higher is not good) I apologize in advance if this is boring but I will be documenting my progression and successes of living with diabetes regularly her on Pandamonium. It's apart of me now :(

Weekend in Review...

Thank goodness today is my day off. It seemed like forever to get here! Well I was off on Sunday but it was little baby Salem's birthday so it was a busy day. I made the cupcakes and helped decorate and serve and stuff. It was adorable and Sally got soo many gifts. She is the cutest little cousin ever! I just love her. Yesterday I just pretty much worked and that's it. Today I stopped by my rents in the morning, then came home and packed some of my craft stuff up (getting a head start on the move), then went and got my pearly whites cleaned at the dentist, then off to Zumba with my sister. I love Zumba it's sooo much fun. If you haven't tried it and like to dance you should seriously give it a whirl! Then I went on a little spin around the neighborhood with my neice on our bikes, now I'm home reading blogs when I should either be showering or cleaning my messy room. Tomorrow my schedule consists of gym, cleaning, zumba, sleep!. How is your week going? F

Finished Friday...

Hey Yall! I hope you had a fantastic Friday. Mine was alright considering I has to work. I didn't make it to my young adults group tonight at church because my car or as Jeremiah calls it "little weird" is kinda out of commision. My driver side window in stuck in the down position and of course it had to rain so I couldn't go anywhere. It's ok I needed the little nap I took instead with little Salem. She is soo adorable and she's my cousins baby whom lives me. She will one year old on Monday and it seems like just yesterday she was born. She is so silly and she loves me. Her birthday party is on Sunday so I have a few thinsg I need to make for the shin-dig. Should be really cute because it's an owl themed "Look Whooo's One!" party. Salem Delaney! Soo sweet! Here is my little project I finished this week. I think they came out adorable but I'm considering making one more purple shroom to go with the set. I think I might even p

50 Posts already!...

I'm back from the dead! GrrrrArggg! I've been MIA which seems like FOREVER! It's been some crazy times around here lately so that kinda why. I'll get more into that later :) It most recent new like right now news...THIS IS MY 50TH BLOG! I can't believe it's already here it came mighty fast especially with me not blogging on a daily basis. I must say I've really enjoyed it and all the craft blogs I read too! They make me happy. I will have giveaway on my 75th post so be looking for that down the road. So lately I've been mostly crocheting, working, watching movies, and NOT cleaning my room. It's an absolute disaster area and no one in there right mind should come in here without a hard hat on! OK maybe that's a little extreme but seriously I need to put all this clean laundry away before it swallows me whole. So I found out on April 6th that I'm a type 2 diabetic. I was shocked to say the least, especially since I was actually going to the

Where I lay my head... {Image Heavy}

Ello EveryBunny! I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend. I worked Saturday and relaxed in the evening. I had intentions to dye eggs but that was a bust. I tried crocheting some bunnies for my three nieces but didn't get them finished in time but I'm almost done. They won't care if they are are late, they are very forgiving when it come to gifts :) Plus they got sooo much stuff yesterday it was insane they probaly wouldn't have even not noticed my teeny bunnies. On my last day off which was on Wednesday I finally cleaned my room up just the way I wanted it with the exception of the closet which still need some work but that can wait. As long as I can get clothes out, I'm good. Here is a personal tour of my bedroom/craft cave/ workplace/retreat. Enjoy! Welcome! Here is my bed "I luv sleep..." It was my grama's bed frame, I love it soo much it is my favorite piece of furniture I own. My dresser I found it on craigslist, it was a steal! Here