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Life as of late...

Summer is almost here and I have yet to post one entry for Spring!! I'm sad I have not blogged these past few months to help me remember this time in my life with Poesy. I have a goal to blog at least once a week so I can make sure to document different things going on in my little corner of the world. On the home front we are still getting comfortable in our new home. We have yet to unpack 75% of our stuff and we are doing just fine without it. However, it would be nice to have the garage emptied so we are going to start working on purging ALOT of stuff we don't need and haven't missed. I love our little bungalow, it's cozy and just the right size for us. I will post some pics in a later post to show the before and after so far. Poesy, Poesy, Poesy... Where do I even begin. This little girl is a firecracker that is for sure. She turned 1 year old in February and started walking exactly one week from her birthday, she quickly went from walking to running t