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Goodbye 2011

Another year under my belt whilst I'm quickly approaching my 29th birthday, Eeek! All in all I think it was a good year. Lots to be thankful for my wonderful family, my sweet boyfriend and his family, my puppy little bear, my friends, my health, and my job. Of course the list goes on and on, I feel so blessed. I have some goals for 2012 not necessarily resolutions (I will do a post on those later). 2012 I welcome you with open arms and all the good things you have to offer. I wish all my readers, family, and friends a peaceful and prosperous New Year! Love, Nae
The holidays have come and gone yet again. They make for such busy time of year. I love the holidays and it's bittersweet to see them go but on the other hand nice to have some down time. I'm going to enjoy this time without deadlines or custom orders. I'm going to be catching up with family and friends. Put the crochet hook down and pick up my knitting needles. I'll also be trying out my new Cricut cutter I got for Christmas. I'm so excited to startaling stuff with it! I'm thrilled to start a new year and welcome any positive changes it may bring to my life :) I want to go Ui alot more outdoor activities and try to tone down anything that causes me stress. If I'm not back before the end of the year I hope you ring in 2012 with lots of kisses from the ones you love!