Life with Poe: Almost 11 months old!

Happy New Year!! Another month has gone by and our little Poe is turning into quite the ham! She is a little show off and LOVES the attention. She claps, dances, and makes silly faces. She is such a nut and I love it cause she makes me laugh all the time. Her little laugh is funny too so then it makes me laugh even more. Her new thing is dancing and she love the Subway "Five dollar foot long" song it hilarious!

Christmas was a whole new experience this year. The preparation and new traditions for my own baby was so much fun. She opened maybe half of one gift but seems to like all her toys she got. She got mostly Fisher Price toys, very colorful and durable! She got some Lala loopsies, a princess castle, a walking toy, Hello Kitty Vans (shoes), tons of clothes, and a new coat. She was very blessed this year. Christmas Eve we spent half the evening at my parents and the other half at Jeremiah's. Christmas Day we opened gifts together as a little family in the morning at home just the four of us! Then we got ready and went back to my parents and did stockings with all the other kiddos and then headed over to Jeremiah's parents to eat and hang out. Both days were very nice. I'm looking forward to spending many more holidays together watching her grow, change, and making memories.

Milestones & New Discoveries :
* Poesy can pretty much eat most all of her baby food with no problem and eats the little puffs all by herself (this is a big thing since she is such a late starter with eating)
* Her favorite foods are still bananas and carrots!
* She seems to be gaining weight and is fitting into her 9 months and some 12 months clothes
* She has her two fangs trying to come through and they seem to be giving her some trouble at night
* She is ALMOST ready to walk she has taken a few steps on her own and walks around great with her push toys
* She says Hi! and likes to talk on the phone she called Grama last night for a tiny chat

Now it's time to start planning her very first birthday party. I told myself at first I wasn't going to go crazy and it was just going to be a small family thing but how could I not! SHE'S GOING TO BE ONE! I know she will not remember it but I will and she will get to see all the photos :)
I hope this New Year treats you well! xoxo Renae


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