Half baked! Who knew!!!!??

So here is the story many are wanting to hear and the answer to the question "HOW DID YOU NOT KNOW!!!?"
So this all started about a month ago when I thought I was having pregnancy symptoms so Jeremiah and I went to Walgreens bought a two pack of E.P.T. pregnancy tests and I took one the next morning like it says to do in the instructions. It was negative (like the many I have taken in the past). So I didn't think anything of it since my cycles are far and few between and I have never been pregnant before and didn't think I could get pregnant so I just forgot about it and went about my business as usual.
A couple more weeks past, Jeremiah and I went to the Smashing Pumpkins concert and had a great time shopping and hanging out. We got back the next day and were just watching t.v. relaxing when I felt something weird in my pelvis area, I was like WTH was that jumped up and ran to the bathroom to take the remaining pregnancy test left. Low and behold that little PLUS sign showed up almost immediately!
I screamed "Holy Sh*t!" Because this has never happened before, I was in shock!
Jeremiah says "what!?"
I said "It's positive!"
Jeremiah "How can it be positive? The last one was negative."
Me "I know but this one is postive!!!" (putting on my jacket)
Jeremiah "Where are you going????"
Me "To the store to buy more tests!!!"
Jeremiah " Ok, Are you taking Little Bear with you?" He is so calm all the time he cracks me up!
So I get back take another, POSITIVE again! I can't believe it. Over the next few days I take a few more tests just to make sure, LOL. I have a dr. appt already scheduled with my new family doctor so I figured when I saw him they could confirm. So last Tuesday I went in and after him calling me a goof for taking so many tests he confirmed that yes I was indeed prego. When Jeremiah got I home I told him "guess what! I really am pregnant!" We laughed and were both excited.
By then I had already set up an OB appointment since I had no clue when I could have possible became pregnant. They got me in the following week (which was yesterday. I was soo nervous and excited. I didn't know what to expect if it would be good news, etc, etc, etc...)
So they FINALLY call my name to come back for the ultra sound and Jeremiah and I head back.
The tech looks at me and says "Hmmm how far along are you??? "
Me "I have no idea."
Tech "When was your last cycle?"
Me "I have no idea."
Tech "OK lay down I think you may be farther along then we think!"
She puts the cold jelly on my belly then the ultrasound wand -- Right way you see a fully formed baby one the screen! I was soo shocked! Everything I had read up until this point was your baby is the size of a mustard seed, poopy seed, you will see a small sack" But NOOOO it was not a mustard seed at all but a baby with little fingers, tiny toes, a cute little spine, and adorable kidneys!! I screamed "OH MY GAWD!" and started laughing when I saw our little bacon bit.
So they measured every little body part, we heard the heart beat which the tech said was perfect :) She could not tell the sex because the baby was too balled up and sitting on it's feet. Then she said I was 21 weeks and 2 days, Due date March 10th!!! I was in shock all over again! But very excited. I told Jeremiah "God knows I'm not a very patient person so he just cut the time in half for me!"
So all this time I've been tired, hungry, emotional, and what I thought was extreme bloating was actually a little miracle growing inside me :)
So if it will be a Monster nursery or a Vintage Rainbow Brite nursery we will find out in a month! So in the mean time if you are the praying kind or if not send us good vibes and mojo for a healthy little babe. I am just sooooo HAPPY!!!!

The cake we had to share the news with Jeremiah's family!

And the cake we had to suprise my family!

And here I am yesterday after I found out how far along I was in pure bliss!

Thank you for reading, I will be doing most of my baby story here if you want to check back:) xoxo. Renae


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